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Steven F. Freeman

Jefferson strategic leadership doctoral professor of applied research methods

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Learn more • Learn well • Learn what's most important.

Gain the intelligence on which your future depends.

Do more • Do well
Do what's most important
Better pic(s) here. • 20 years teaching advanced graduate courses at elite universities
• Guest speaker and visiting professor at elite institutions throughout the world
• Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ('98) Organization Studies, System Dynamics
• M.S. Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania ('98) Social System Sciences
• Jefferson Universities #1 choice for Dissertation Chair.
• Jefferson Doctor of Management in Strategic Leadership awards for exceptional quality in Course Design and Teaching.
• Academy of Management.awards for the Best Teaching Case, Best Practice Paper, and Best Overall Paper

Welcome. Thanks for visiting our oasis of intelligence. At institutions across the globe, I work with leaders of all stripes to develop the most important intelligence of the 21st century, applied research methodologies (ARMs), that is:

  1. the capacity to find, filter, distill extant knowledge on the matters most critical to your future; and
  2. incisively produce knowledge as needed to address problems and seize opportunities.

Use this site, use me to help you acquire ARMs, the dynamic meta-skill• whose value continuously avails as long as you live. (Link to LhtL)

1. ARMs for the Rest of Us
2. Applied Research Mentoring (the intelligent alternative to traditional consulting engagements)

The world's most powerful institutions conduct and apply research on a grand scale. That's why they're so powerful. ARMs for the Rest of Us comprise articles, lessons, stories and interactive exercises to bring YOU the insights and benefits derived from knowledge application. 

Intelligence can prevail, even in organizations. For a fraction of the cost of traditional management consulting, Applied Research Mentoring helps you gain the knowledge and understanding to address problems and seize opportunities. And all the while you're building your own capabilities -- not theirs).


3. Courses
Survey Research
4. Survey Research
sf Bio
5. Bio +

3. You too can join the elite![1] Since 2015, I've worked to create a new professional doctorate in Strategic Leadership at the newly expanded Jefferson University. This is not academics for academia, but rather an unconventional program to develop broadly beneficial working knowledge.

Research can be rigorous and relevant. We conduct rigorous, high value added research in all sectors where we're engaged. I provide here a few links, especially to survey research that I've conducted.

5. Bio +. As time permits, I try to provide material and sources that are not an affront to sensibilities. Intelligence, as such, provides intrinsic as well as extrinsic rewards.


Similar to Maybe take straight from action research


Stepping back from the routines. Asking the right questions. 


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Current Work! Learning How to Learn

Teach a Man to Fish and He'll Know How to Fish; Teach Him How to Learn and …

Learning How to Learn is the high-value-added meta-skill that provides a perpetually replenishing well not only of education, but of innovation, insight and intelligence. It's like the wish you would make from the proverbial genie in a bottle if not for the fabled rule's “ixnay on the wish for more wishes” provision. If you know how to learn, you don't only get to learn three things; you keep learning continuously as long as you live. ...




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For now, cheers! To a great journey together and the hope that intelligence of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. [2]

• dynamic meta-skill:

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