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Steven F. Freeman

Jefferson University Strategic leadership doctoral professor of applied research methods

page last modified: 10/16/2018
Steve Freeman

I apply research methods to acquire intelligence to help answer questions, address problems and realize opportunities. These applications include documenting the benefits and costs of employee ownership and new firm development, investigating election veracity and improving workplace design (see more by navigating the links at top and at right).

Likewise, I teach applied research methods (ARMs) to everyone from university professors to anyone willing to read an article and try to learn, including:

• Doctoral candidates at our new professional doctorate in Strategic Leadership at Jefferson University

• Organizational and institutional sponsors in Professional Research Workshops

• Other students in new open courses on research methods and more (coming winter 2019). Check back or write for more information.

Everyone through a new ARMs working knowledge exchange -- articles, lessons, stories and interactive exercises is set to launch this November (2018). Check out ARMs for the Rest of Us for a preview. Write to learn more,

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Survey Research
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