Steven F. Freeman

New Ventures (Steve Freeman)

Puente (2001) Provided modern communications and financial management options to Hispanic foreign nationals in the US: VerLos, Internet-based videoconferencing for Latin American workers in the US and their families in Latin America, and VerDar, remittance and credit options for Latin American workers in the US. In 2001 — even after the crash — we had serious interest in the business from venture capitalists. (Executive summary pdf file). I was meeting with investors in New York on the morning of September 11, 2001. I arrived just in time to see the second plane hit the World Trade Center two miles south of us. We didn’t realize it at the time — we had our meetings and drove around the city and northern NJ to visit potential sites — but the attacks also brought down this, and virtually all other new enterprises seeking venture funds. The market froze for nearly a year as investors struggled to keep already funded enterprises afloat. We changed course, and gave our business over to a local Hispanic community groups, which was able to obtain grants to provide computer training and Internet access and, thought we were unable to realize any financial gains, the group was able to provide let immigrant workers and their familes to actually see each other for the first time in years, sometimes decades.

Compass Management Consultants (1991-94, Albuquerque, NM). Accounting and management information systems for government contractors.

Aurora Acres Bed & Breakfast (1989-93, Albuquerque, NM). Proprietor with my wife of B&B.

Co-op & Condo Connection (1987, New York, NY). Developed computer operations and general operating procedures for real estate information firm. Became President with public relations, marketing, and sales responsibility. I wrote a widely disseminated article and case on this experience: Notes to a Friend (*.pdf file).

Real Estate (1982-86, Ronkonkoma, NY). Bought, refurbished, rented, then sold duplex home.