Applied Research in Practice: Two Scenarios

Why and how to use and learn ARMs: Applied Research routinely delivers the incredible in some arenas, e.g., weapons developing, oil, new financial instruments, big-ticket high tech, etc.…; but the vast majority of people, and organizations fail almost completely to derive the potential benefits of research application. Here I showing how and why Applied Research does work or doesn’t and takes you through to a first step in being able to work its magic.

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ARMs for the Rest of Us

Why you need to understand ARMs… Applied Research has transformed the world, creating winners with god-like powers, but narrow applications have also created vast corresponding powerlessness. Systems on which the rest of us all depend are repeatedly and increasingly pushed to the brink and will at some point they will fail, probably sooner rather than later. This article introduces the site and the program, which is to:

1. broaden the benefits conferred from science and its applications, i.e., extend them to you!

2. broaden understanding of research application — to consider problems systemically, replacing narrow wins and broad losses with overall systemic health.

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