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Jefferson strategic leadership doctoral professor of applied research methods: Working with you to make our world more intelligent

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Steve Freeman

1. ARMs for the Rest of Us
2. Applied Research Mentoring (the intelligent alternative to traditional consulting engagements)
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Welcome. Thanks for visiting. I've tried to create on this website what I try to do throughout my professional life -- to set up an oasis of intelligence.

After decades in higher education, business and government (I started young), I've come to understand today's most important intelligence as the capacity to find, filter, distill and incisively produce knowledge, the skills of applied research methods (ARMs)

I teach applied research methods at every level from secondary school to faculty at leading research universities, and mentor leaders of all stripes to utilize research to inform decision-making, to understand situations and problems systemically; and ultimately, to clarify goals and achieve them whole cloth.

ARMs clients and students are essentially learning how to learn, a dynamic meta-skill whose value never fades. It's like the wish you would make from the proverbial genie in a bottle. If you know how to learn, you don't only get to learn three things; you keep learning continuously what is ever required for as long as you live. (Link to LhtL)

So look around. Use this site, use me to • Learn more • Learn well • Learn what's most important. And ultimately to • Do more • Do well • Do what's most important.

About the links:

1. The world's most powerful institutions conduct and apply research on a grand scale; this is what makes them powerful. But most people and organizations are clueless about the capabilities ARMs entail, let alone how to avail them. But ARMs for the Rest of Us encompasses articles, lessons, stories and interactive exercises to bring you the insights and benefits derived from knowledge application. 

2. Men and women at work: Do not lose heart. Help is here. Intelligence can prevail. Even in organizations. For a fraction of the cost of traditional management consulting, Applied Research Mentoring helps you gain the knowledge and understanding to address problems and seize opportunities. And all the while you're building your capabilities -- not theirs).

3. You too can join the elite![1] Since 2015, I've worked to create a new professional doctorate in Strategic Leadership at the newly expanded Jefferson University. This is not academics for academia, but rather an unconventional program to develop broadly beneficial working knowledge.

4. Research can be rigorous and relevant. We conduct rigorous, high value added research in all sectors where we're engaged. I provide here a few links, especially to survey research that I've conducted.

5. Bio +. As time permits, I try to provide material and sources that are not an affront to sensibilities. Intelligence, as such, provides intrinsic as well as extrinsic rewards.

champagne-glasses... Cheers!

Congratulations for reaching the bottom of the page. If you would you be so kind, please sign our guest book (beta) or email me to let us know what you think and what brings you here. We would love to hear from you. Really. And meet someday!

For now, cheers! To a great journey together and the hope that intelligence of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. [2]


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