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Workspace Survey Research

page last modified: 08/22/2017

Workspace Survey Research conducted with Andrei Villarroel

Case Study 1: A firm has decided to switch to an open office plan and set up a prototype of which they’re very proud. We are requested to conduct a survey 

Unfortunately, the results are not what they hoped.

Worse, the results are much better than they’re likely to obtain elsewhere. That’s because this prototype was designed by and for the Operations group implementing the new plan. Other groups in the company are not to be so fortunate.

A second prototype occupied by other such groups suggests major dissatisfaction with the new plan.


Case Study 2: A firm has already switched to an open office plan  (one of the many $100,000,000 + spectacular edifices every major corporation has been constructing. 

We’re contracted to help identify satisfaction levels and problems.

The quantitative portion of the study is currently being written up for publication, but here are the qualitative findings from open-ended response questions.


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