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Business Experience

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Here's a page from my old professional site Extensive business experience as entrepreneur, consultant, and administrator.

New Ventures

four new business ventures and one not-for-profit organization. ... link to New Ventures ...

Corporate Management:

Manager for the Applied Research Associatescorporate office (Albuquerque, NM 1988-91). Directly managed corporate finances, budgets, MIS, developed policy and marketing support systems. Oversaw accounting, contract administration, and personnel functions. Helped put systems in place that has permitted major growth from two professionals in 1983 to 500 professionals and 500 support staff in 30 locations around the world.


Two decades experience working with leading business thinkers (Russell Ackoff and Peter Senge) [link to them]

Accounting System Consulting: Built sucessful business

The intelligent alternative to traditional consulting arrangements ... link to Applied Research, Inc ....

 Knowledge Applications: Independent consulting practice applies systemic approaches to developing organiza¬tional resilience, adaptation and innovation

MIT Organizational Learning Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts (1993-96): Worked under Peter Senge (author of The Fifth Discipline) to apply principles of Organizational Learning and System Dynamics to improve corporate performance

Institute for Interactive Management, Philadelphia, PA (1987-88): Worked with Wharton faculty founders including Russell L. Ackoff (author of Creating the Corporate Future and 18 other books) to facilitate major organizational redesign projects at Eastman Kodak, Metropolitan Life, Anheuser Busch, and the University of Pennsylvania

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