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A categorized list of important, useful, and otherwise interesting lists

page created: 08/07/2012
page last modified: 02/18/2016

So we know what to read, what to watch, what to listen to, what to do, what is known, how to organize things, what's the law, how the economy is doing, where to go to school, where to live, who's the best/worst, what's good/bad/great/verboten, how to get what we want, and other stuff.





sight and sound poll of greatest films of all time Best-movies-of-all-time (my list)

imdb users top 250 movies  (my imdb list)

Rotten Tomatoes top movies

Rolling Stone's 500-greatest-songs-of-all-time

National Public Radio Lists

Rosanne Cash’s “The List”

Major League Baseball
Franchise postseason streaks
Franchise postseason droughts

National Football League
Franchise postseason streaks
Franchise postseason droughts

National Basketball Association
Franchise postseason streaks
Franchise postseason droughts




Science (sort of)

Organizational / Taxonomies


* really more than a list; it's a table!

Lists that literally
laid down the law

Effective Branding/ Marketing


Lists of lists

The New York Times’ best-sellers list  /  The F.B.I.’s Ten Most Wanted list

Casey Kasem’s “American Top 40”  / Billboards “Top 100”

Wikipedia's List of lists of lists

The Hundred Best Lists of All Time
(New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs) crowdranked best and worst of everything 

Listverse: Top 10 Lists  /  list25 (1 million YouTube subscribers!) 
Listly  "Lists made easy + social + fun!"  / Listgeeks "a socially-oriented platform for creating, sharing and comparing lists of things."


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