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Good Writing

page last modified: 02/20/2017

How to Write

Madman, Architect, Carpenter, Judge: Roles and the Writing Process; a simple way to unleash your creative abilities.

Great Essays

  George Orwell

  Paul Graham


Newspaper Columns(Short Essays)

Dave Barry has concerns about Radioactive Insects found at the Hanford Nuclear Complex  ♦ The Trojan Twinkie Caper ♦ Miami Herald ♦ April 18, 1999

Mike Royko on the LAPD and Rodney King ♦ Ticket to Good Life Punched with Pain ♦ Chicago Sun Times ♦ March 19, 1991

Mike Royko remembers Jackie Robinson's Chicago Debut: Jackie's Debut a Unique Day ♦ Chicago Sun Times ♦ October 25, 1972 (the day after Jackie Robinson died)

Mike Royko ♦ Picasso and the Cultural Rebirth of Chicago ♦ Chicago Sun Times ♦ August 16, 1967.


Good Writing: Criticism


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