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page last modified: 12/16/2013 10:05 AM

Tag to Index

I'd like to be able to add tags to easily include pages in indices, for example "wireless_radiation" page to include them in the health and environmental indices, rather than have to set up links in those pages to"wireless_radiation". Can I do this already using Page Keywords?

Other Autolinks?

All How_to's connect to How_to index

Automatic "Trackbacks", i.e., when i include a link to a page, there is an auto trackback link placed on the linking page


  • Add columns for Page Keywords and maybe also Page Description (it's OK if it goes way out to the right)
  • Make the table sortable by Update and perhaps also Title, Keywords and Description
  • Add a time to update, especially for pages updated "today"
  • For "Update", rather than or in addition to "how long ago", also use an actual date.
  • Have "Sitemap" appear as a page label.


A simple, systematic way to have discussions about topic page content (sort of like Wikipedia or perhaps like comments on a blog)

Identify authors/contributions

A simple, systematic way to identify authors/contributions on topic pages (sort of like Wikipedia)

Styles (css or default)

Easy indenting?

Different paragraph styles in css for use on any document:

Editor provides many different headings (levels), but no different paragraph styles? I want one for refs, quotes, and other things (like word has) See also: Website To Do

Change style defaults

    bullets (default)

    • indent half of what it currently is
    • 2nd level bullets
    • automatic hanging indent  with a second text line appearing under the text of the first line (as it appears in the edit screeen) rather than under the bullet as it appears on the published site.

    Citations / Notes

    • lower the cite # by 1 px
    • Increase the note font size by 1 px and make

    See also: Website To Do


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