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Religion- Best Practices

I don't have any religion, but I am open to suggestions; meanwhile, I've adopted a "best practices" approach to religion

page last modified: 03/31/2017 10:00 PM


I stand erect, solidly grounded in a Mountain pose "Tadasana" and briefly meditate upon my breadth, or relaxation or simply feel my feet supported upon the earth (unlike muslims, I do not necessarily face toward Mecca)


I then do a forward bend allowing my back to cascade toward the ground braising my thighs (I need to bend my knees slightly to permit this), then raise to horizontal back (as pictured), then bend over again into a full forward fold.


When I rise back to standing, I reflect upon what is important to me at the moment. Perhaps I face toward something symbolic of that importance, i.e., my relationship with my wife, and perhaps I'll look at a picture of her.

Or perhaps I'll reflect on a task i hope to accomplish and look towards my bookshelf or out the window and consider the task at hand.


Go to ground in child's pose. As I prostrate myself, I'll declare my declaration, e.g., my love for my wife or dedication to the task, etc... ,


Rise to a sitting position (see picture), briefly breathe and meditate upon my declaration, and how I might make that value concrete, perhaps beginning to envision the first task i want to take on upon returning now to the world.


I then prostrate back on the ground as I prepare my body for the upcoming task.


Muslim Salat -- prayer and prostra­tion five times a day -- can recenter both mind and body.

The five times are:

* After first light and before sunrise ( Fajr )
* Be­tween the sun reaching its height and mid-­afternoon ( Dhuhr )
* Be­tween mid-­afternoon and sunset ( Asr )
* After the sun has finished setting ( Maghrib )
* In the dark of the night ( Isha )

I modify the practice toward my heathen ends -- heretical perhaps, maybe even punishable by death, but I mean no disrespect. As with all religious "best practices," I adopt it most respectfully.

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