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August 18, 2018

So, here you are on the homepage of my personal professional website. I set it up so that you could come visit and here you are. Cheers!
(create clinking glass sound and bubbles effect here!)

What brought you here if you don’t mind me asking?  If you would be so kind, could you please sign my guest book below? (No email, phone, and feel free to use a pseudonym if you’d rather not publicly identify yourself with me; no offense taken.) 

OK, enough about you. Presumably you're here because you want to know something about me. I work on the frontier of scholarship, industry and government. Not a particularly easy frontier to work, but then whose life is easy? I do believe it’s a valuable and badly underserved frontier, hence my new blog/column. I currently work primarily in academics, being centrally involved in establishing a new professional doctorate in Strategic Leadership at the newly expanded Jefferson University, setting up and teaching the Applied Research Methods curricula, which is, with all due respect to my colleagues, the heart of any worthwhile doctoral program.

Well, have a look around. Please let me know if you find anything of interest or, for that matter, if you find anything lacking.

Again, very glad you could stop by. For those, I’ve already had the pleasure to know, so happy to hear from you. For those I havent yet had the plasure, so pleased to make your acquaintance. 

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