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dissertation (Steven F. Freeman)

Dissertation (Steven F. Freeman)

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Dissertation Summary


Chapter (1) Organizational Identity emergence and how it affects attention, decision-making, and change (an explanation for the long decline of the North American auto industry)

Chapter (2): Attention in the North American auto industry over a 25-year period of decline,

Chapter (3): A multi-level analysis of Patterns of change in response to loss and adversity

Chapter (4): Decision-making processes and biases in the North American auto industry


Committee Members: John Carroll (chair), Lotte Bailyn, Maureen Scully, and John Van Maanen

Department, School: Organization Studies Group, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Approved April 1998

Publication Information: May 1998 Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ph.D. dissertation.

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