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Consulting and Commissioned Research

page last modified: 04/28/2017 05:01 PM
Ally Financial Inc.: a study of Organizational Culture to aid in the transition from General Motors Acceptance Corp to new entity
Academy of Vocal Arts (Philadelphia)Idealized design of academic programs and student services
Anheuser Busch: helped company design their own corporate university.
Bolivian Controlaría (National Audit Agency): Conducted training seminar on understanding organizations and organizational change; developed organizational mechanisms to promote integrity, transparency, and incorruptibility focusing on aspects of organizational culture.
Bolivian Superintendencia de Bancos (National Banking Regulatory Agency): Analyzed the organization’s culture to explain aspects of behavior management believed to be maladaptive. Helped elaborate the agency’s primary responsibilities and develop methods to best fulfill them.
EARTH (La Escuela de Agricultura de la Región del Trópico Húmedo - the world’s leading school of tropical agriculture): Advised on the development of new tropical agricultural and environmental products in­cluding banana leaf paper, and a banana with the flavor of local varieties but the durability of exports.
Eastman Kodak: strategic redesign of research laboratories.
Federal Express: Documented activity and thoughts (using verbal protocols) of top salespeople
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania: exploring a resiliency-based program for avoiding catastrophes, i.e., rather piling on protocols with 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc… checks, we explored “incidents”—potentially catastrophic situations – to learn how, in fact, catastrophes are averted.
McKinsey & Co: exploratory research on decision processes and decision modeling
Metropolitan Life: Crisis preparedness audit
Philadelphia University: Idealized Design of new doctoral program
University of Pennsylvania Catering Service: Redesign of operations, structure, strategy.
TRIAD: Research on the organizational impacts of the September 11th (2001) attacks; extended to conduct a case study explaining the extraordinary resilience of one hard-hit firm, Sandler O’Neill and Partners
UNC Analytical & other defense contractors: throughout the early 1990s, I did extensive consulting to many defense contractors on adopting accounting systems to meet with new standards of the US Government Accounting Office. At UNC Analytical, a division with $100 million annual revenue, I additionally served as interim accounting manager for four months.
United Way: strategic redesign exploration to maximize percentage spent on services delivered
Fortune 100 company: using broad systemic analysis of vulnerabilities to Crisis, we have been both developing means for inoculating the firm against catastrophe and simultaneously exploring opportunities to exploit systemic vulnerabilities.
Fortune 100 company: conducting pre- and post-move survey for firm adopting an open office plan 
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