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Clients1st Advocacy

page last modified: 06/05/2024 10:53 AM

Clients1st advocates for

Unburdening small business

  • Reduced governmental obstacles to enterprise [1]
  • Reduced licensing requirements [2]

Fair market competition

  • Abolishment of racial and sexual biases
  • Re-enforcement of antimonopoly policies, especially in high tech.
  • End to reverse-Robin-Hood government giveaways to the rich
  • An end to “Too big to fail”
  • An end to taxation favortism to the biggest and most powerful corporations.[3]

Reduced taxation levels

  • Fiscal restraints on governmental spending
  • Limits on welfare; an end to corporate welfare
  • Zero-based budgeting
  • Re-establishment of regard for taxpayer fleecing, e.g., Golden fleece award

Limits on governmental power andjurisdiction

  • Reduced governmental agency overreach
  • Reduced judicial overreach; an end to lawfare.

Human rights

  • Constitutionally protected rights Freedom of expression, information, assembly, etc.…[4]
  • Rights to privacy -- freedom from incursions on privacy by corporations and government.

Pro-peace/Pro free trade policies

Responsive government

  • Honest elections
  • National sovereignty, i.e. minimal transfer of authority to international agencies[5]
  • State sovereignty, i.e. minimal transfer of authority to federal agencies[6]
  • Home rule, minimal transfer of essentially local issues to authorities further removed from the locale.


[1] E.g. Clarkson Farm

[2] E.g. Amos Miller

[3] E.g., For decades now, Amazon has not had to charge sales taxes, while all local merchants … those who actually support and provide the backbone of the community … have had to.

[4] Not all countries have constitutionally protected rights, but we advocate for their enforcement where they do exist, adoption where they do not and their strengthening everywhere …

[5] . E.g. the WHO, and only then under carefully considered and after full and open debated.

[6] E.g. the CDC, and only then under carefully considered and after full and open debated

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