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I write business teaching cases because I find few cases about people like my students and like me. Unlike Harvard Business School cases in which the protagonist is typically the CEO of a major corporation or on the fast track to climb to such a post, my cases are about regular people I meet who are trying to make a living while making a satisfying life -- often in creative, innovative ways -- and the challenges they face in doing so.

I recently won a small grant to develop Mastitis at Lácteos Pacíficos (see below) for publication. Here's my application and statement of what the means to me and what it will permit me to do.

Cases in Development

Mastitis at Lácteos Pacíficos a start-up dairy delivers a mephitic product. Can be used to illustrate;

  1. What happens in a crisis
  2. Antecedents of a crisis
  3. What to do during, before and after a crisis.

Crear Vale La Pena: a dance and art education program for the destitute in Argentina, in the midst of a severe national financial/ currency crisis, is informed by its principal patron that donations would be cut by 50%.

Cases Written

Vegetales Cortados, SA Startup Strategy (2004) with Francisco Olivares. (A) Differences in marketing and development strategy between a new enterprise and an established firm, and (B) The small firm as counter-puncher: What to do when a powerful new competitor enters your market niche (Selected as the Best Business Teaching Case for 2004, by The CASE Association)

Datatex (2001) with L.M. Garcia. Comparing startup experiences in the US and Nicaragua.

Jugos Tropicales (2001) The importance of market segmentation and focusing on under-served markets.

Comercializadora de Madera Costarricense (2000). Making a business vision in the tropics a reality (also an example of sustainable development).

Clean Pets (2000) with A. Bailey. Things go awry when the founders are not there. How to systemize and operationalize tacit founder knowledge and practice. 


Case Teaching Notes

Case Learning: How It Works, Why It’s Effective. Teaching note prepared by Steve Freeman, University of Pennsylvania Center for Organizational Dynamics, January 20, 2009

Case teaching notes for Vegetales Cortados, Mastitis at Lácteos Pacíficos, and Crear Vale La Pena


If you would like to see any course materials, contact me. I am happy to share these materials with colleagues.

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