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page created: 04/17/2012
page last modified: 04/04/2017

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Creative commons attribution. Users should always write to me if they use....

Styles to fix:

  • Less indent for bullets
  • bullets vertically closer to preceding header (or text)
  • "Notes" style tighter vertically

Styles to create:

  • legal (see royko_lapd_rodney_king)
  • Paragraph (indented)
  • Block (no indent)
  • Novert ("no vertical spacing")
  • Quote (slight indent l&r, purple, italic)
  • Highlight(s)


  • additional columns for label, notes, date created
  • sorting options by any column


  • Are Time Stamps working correctly?

Ciow templates

Redo Ciow site using either sffreeman or cpor Templates

but try to keep rotating pictures that appear in upper left


For sitewide-- and specific -- improvements, see also: 

(notes typically at bottom, or bottom right)

Website wish list  *  The Prophet by Khalil Gibran (1923) 

John Wooden  *   Quotes  *  Russell Ackoff  *  Yogi

dissertation summary  *  discussion  *  how_to_prepare_a_case

sffreeman html Templates

Standard Page Title Label

  • slightly larger, slightly whiter
  • long titles, either condense, get smaller or go on to second line as necessary (for problem see madman_architect_carpenter_judge)

Add Sitemap button up top all sites


  • Fix buttons (Add Sitemap button)*

left, top sffreeman

Add buttons below as per ciow, cpor

Move "Steven F. Freeman" and "Personal Professional Page" outside to left and right margins directly over the Time Stamps below.

Crisalis templates

  • Use sffreemanmodel templates, css
  • Establish Navigational Links Crisalis

New site for New Course?

Good Writing pages to Create

Mike Royko (see royko_lapd_rodney_king);
  • other Mike Royko essays

Dave Barry

Great Stories

  • Puppy, Two's company

Good College essays

  • L, B, Josh, Family car trip, file cabinet

(Put in plug for Rhetorical services?)

Good Scholarship

  • ??? NEED EXAMPLES !!! ???

Good writing examples with links to all pages above

Crisalis pages to Create

  • Basic CM
  • Resilience
  • C&Or


Site-Referential Links?

  • Crisalis links to sffreeman and vice versa

  • Blogs
  • All How_to's connect to How_to index
  • Make it easier to insert a Catalog link? so it automatically links all ways? (As per Wikipedia) (Not sure if this makes sense)

Working OffLine

  • How to do it?
  • Links w/in site do not need complete url (rather site specific)?

Other Links

  • Can i simply import my Firefox bookmarks?

minor fixing


black background for Green Text on top Label?

column widths



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