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Academic Awards and Research Grants (Steven F. Freeman)

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Academic Awards


Project Censored

2004 CASE Association Fellow’s Award for Outstanding Field Based Case Research: Vegetales Cortados, SA Start-up Strategy selected as the 2004 Best Business Teaching case; 

Best practice paper, Academy of Management 2003 annual meeting, Organization Development & Change division

Organized the symposium selected as the Showcase Symposium at the Academy of Management 2000 annual meeting.

Best student research paper (also finalist for best research paper) Academy of Management 1998 annual meeting, Managerial and Organizational Cognition division

Best  research paper, Academy of Management 1997 annual meeting, Organization Development & Change division

American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business Award Winner (1994) -- Ph.D. scholarship providing tuition and stipend for doctoral study at institution of student’s choice

Research Grants


Org Dyn

Alliance Holdigns

Center for Organizational Dynamics (2003-present) University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts & Sciences (Graduate Division) Center Scholar

Rochester Printing Industry Project (2003- present): Grant to study printing industry responses to adverse economic and technological conditions

TRIAD. Grant to study the organizational consequences of the September 11th (2001) attacks. Extended to conduct a case study explaining the extraordinary resilience of one hard-hit firm.

Centro Latinoamérica para la Competitividad y el Desarrollo Sostenible (an international research project sponsored by the Harvard Institute for International Development and the AVINA foundation). Grant awarded 1998-99 for the cross-cultural studies of factors affecting values and attitudes. Extended 1999-2000 for the study of cooperation.

International Motor Vehicle Project. (A private consortium funded by auto manufacturers around the world.) Principal investigator managing projects with three students on organizational effects of adversity. Grant awarded 1995-96 to study organizational change in the US auto industry. Grants extended 1996-97, 1997-98, and 1998-99.

If you have any research funding available, absolutely do not hesitate to contact me!!

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